My Message:

Shortly after I had experienced my dream of Donald Trump, I had received this channel from Brenda Hoffman. It absolutely confirmed everything I felt and saw in my dream along with many conversations with my guides – Adonai. Synchronicity and change are the greatest gifts we have flowing to us in so many different ways. Keep your eyes and heart open to all.   

Villains are as Important as You

February 10, 2020. By Brenda Hoffman for

Dear Ones,

We wish to address your need to be right – and others wrong. Both of you are correct in your personal context. For just as you cannot be wrong, neither can anyone.

Of course, that concept seems inappropriate now for surely 3D activists are wrong.

ThreeD activists are only wrong for you. For their role of dismantling outdated 3D structures is as important as you creating new structures. Their rashness, meanness, uncomfortable comments, and activities are calling you and others to action.

What you are observing daily is the opposite of love. It is, in a sense, a declaration of war on humanity and the environment. A war that has become so obvious it is painful enough for you and those following to declare, “No more!”

But then, those 3D activists are as productive as you in building a new society of love and joy. For their antics are explosions of that which has been beneath the surface for eons.

Of course, 3D actions and statements are unpleasant. Actions and statements that call your new humane and environmental interests to the forefront.

Many of you proclaimed your love of humanity and the environment before this time of chaos. Yet, you did little to create new structures or avenues of compatibility. Instead, you pooh-poohed the nastiness, injustice, and pain created by you and others in your 3D world. Such was uncomfortable, perhaps even reprehensible, but certainly not something you changed your life to address.

So it is many of those now in power are taking those uncomfortable positions to the extreme, so you and others of the light finally address those positions instead of covering them with band-aids.

Until now, most of you proclaimed that political leaders, corporate executives, religious, social service, academic, and community leaders, were responsible for resolving your discomfort. Those “so-called” leaders were your moral compass. And, the injustices were not painful enough for you to do something about them.

Now you are angry at those designated leaders, those society doers who allowed you to live in 3D peace physically and emotionally.

Those designated leaders are becoming society punching bags with thoughts of, “All of this is their fault.” Yet you are as much to blame as any leader. For leaders can only be leaders if there are followers. It is time for you to do your internal reckoning. What is important to you, and why? And if something is important, what are you doing about it?

This is not the time of blame, it is the time of change.

Most of you in the past few years or months have lit the path for those following. Now your needs, directions, and actions are beginning to shift in ways you cannot yet fully understand. For you are either becoming or have been angry at specific leaders. Anger that fuels your current and future action steps.

What you do not yet fully acknowledge is that those leaders who seem mean or inappropriate for this new world are more friend than foe. For they are pushing you into your new being role.

Just as will be or is true for you, those leaders have claimed their new earth role. They are pushing and shoving you to see the entirety of global inhumanity and environmental blocks.

This new earth restructuring is not minor. It is more significant than any previous shift, including the Renaissance and the industrial revolution. And it is happening at warp speed.

So it is that the villains of this new earth play must be absolute villains, not allowing you wiggle room for deniability. The villains are playing as significant a role as you in transitioning earth from fear to love. They are merely playing an unpopular role. A role they accepted despite knowing they would be hunted and haunted for eons.

You get to swoop in and create love. Their role is to destroy and be vilified. Perhaps you cannot yet grasp the discomfort of their role. But know that they are doing as much to shift earth from fear to love as are you.

So do not waste time being angry with them unless you feel the need to create a new structure from the ashes of what was. And if you are to create new structures, realize that your precious skills were saved from the “dirty work” by the people you are now angry with.

They are destroyers. You are creators. And both of you are completing your roles admirably. The difference is that destruction must come before rebuilding. Those now destroying are doing so with flashing colours and laughing faces. For just as will be true for you, they are completing their tasks valiantly, ceaselessly, and carefully.

Future generations will glorify you and villainize those who promoted fear during this time.

Despite your beliefs to the contrary, the road of destruction is more arduous than that of rebuilding. Those destroying are now applauded by many.  But, as time goes on and love, becomes more fully part of the earth, the destroyers will be villainized.

In contrast, even though your initial transition phases were difficult, the road is now smooth and straight. You only need is to recognize and follow your joy. And in future aeons, you will be lauded and thanked.

So allow those you are now angry with to explore their paths of destruction. Just as you allow yourself to explore your path of rebuilding from fear to love. So be it. Amen.