How Adonai Came Into My Life:

There have always been many interesting changes throughout my life that were coupled with some amazing, spontaneous, metaphysical , and spiritual experiences.  It’s all been both incredibly crazy and exciting at the same time, and always left me searching frantically for explanations both inside and outside of myself. And, just a few months ago, I had another experience that completely exploded my mind, and…almost…my body.

During a deep meditation at a group gathering, I felt what I can only describe as very powerful electric currents floating around my head and the right side of my body. Suddenly, my throat began twitching so wildly it was moving the front of my neck, and then, those very powerful electrical currents spontaneously exploded throughout my body. I felt that I was being fried from the inside out! My heart began racing and palpitating wildly, while moans and groans came from my mouth due to the very uncomfortable experience. And then I started speaking! I have no idea what I was saying and no one around me could understand because of the quietness of my voice. But I did feel my heart open to love.  I’m not sure how long it lasted, seemed like about five or 10 minutes but it may have only been a minute or two. After it was over, I sat shaking with cold as though I had been placed in a freezer. After the meditation, one of the ladies put a blanket around me to warm up but I couldn’t stop shaking. My mind was exploding. I kept yelling inside my head, “what the F@^* just happened??? I was quite literally in shock! After the meditation, I told everyone what had happened and the leader said this experience does happen occasionally to those in a deep altered state. It was certainly a very powerful, physical, emotional and mental shock. On the drive home, I just kept repeating the same phrase, “what the f*^# just happened”? Very loudly alone in my car.

Later that week, I realized that what I had experienced was a very incredible Kundalini awakening. For the next few months, I kept it buried inside while Christmas and its aftermath took up my time and energy. I knew something profound happened but wasn’t sure what it was until about February when I received an urge to try channeling. Alone in my bedroom, I took a few deep breaths and began hearing myself talk, the most beautiful thoughts and words of love came through me. I put it away again until another group meditation when I began speaking while in meditation. After that, I started practicing at the home of a beautiful lady who offered her place as a training ground. At first, I questioned myself; is this just my imagination, am I making this up, is this ego fooling me?? Questions, insecurity and doubt were all a part of my experience. I then began to record everything that came through and quickly realized that this was not my ego that was being expressed.  I felt a “melding” happening and realized that my perceptions of life events, and all of life itself, were changing at a deeper level.

One night while in meditation, I asked,” who are you”? I feel you’re energy and vibration but can you give me a name to relate to”? I visualized Jeshua Ben Joseph and knew his energy was a part of this energy coming through me. However, there was another energy that seemed to be prominent within the channels. I then heard “Michael” and “angels”. So, I asked if this energy belonged to Arch Angel Michael. And then I heard “Adonai”, which repeated a couple of times.  I had very little knowledge of this word except knowing that I had heard it before within a Jewish religious concept. Of course, the next day was taken up with Google searches!! From what I’ve gathered so far, is that “Adonai” is plural for “Adon”or “Adoni”.

From “The Mind of James Donahue,”, I gleaned this.  “Ancient Hebrew text speaks of Adonai as an “angel of the Lord” and another name for YHVH, the most holy and unspoken reference to God. Thus there is confusion as to the true identity of Adonai.

In personal encounters with the spirit world, my wife Doris once (and May still) had a direct communication link with an entity that called itself Adonai. At the same time she also communicated with the Archangel Michael. We always believed Adonai was from the angelic realm.

One old book refers to Adonai as Malakh Adonai, or Angel of the Lord. This text appears to consider Adonai as a King of Angels, standing above the rest. He thus may be the supreme representative or messenger of God and his word is “one” with the very person of God. “It also is said that Adonai is a plural reference to Adon, the Ruler in the Earth. Thus Adonai’s purpose is a blessing in the Earth.

No matter how we look at Adonai, we find this to be a very powerful angel if not the very person of the Creator existing within our midst.” 

Regardless of the definitions found, I find the frequency high and my heart expands when they come through me.  

It seems incredible that at this stage in “the game”, Adonai chooses this older physical body to bring in such amazing energies and messages (although, I understand it’s mutual).  I am so very, very grateful!!!!  The Universe definitely delivers opportunities and potentials when we have an open mind and an open heart. And, although most would look to the outside world to reflect their personal reality, I can trust that all is appropriate and on purpose for this particular experience.

I understand how difficult it is for many of us on earth as we view many things that repulse us, and have so many experiences of pain in our lives. However, as Adonai has said, “you are an aspect of All That Is, and All That Is…Is LOVE”!! We are getting there! As we remember who we are and what everything is created from, we become a higher vibration of our multi-dimensional  Self. So, what is age after all, if we are Eternal?

My website will eventually be changed to reflect this new direction.  Hang in there. At the end of June, I will be asking a few of your questions to Adonai and putting them in my newsletter and website. So, please feel free to ask! At this time, I’m very busy practicing the blending of our energies by providing readings for a few friends and family around me.

I’ll send another newsletter at the end of June to keep you up to date on everything.

Until then, take Blessed care of all your bodies: )