Golden Light Activation




Powerful  Golden Light Healing Activation

This 23 minute meditation was edited and remixed from the download “Infinite Healing” Track 1. A very powerful and profound, golden angelic light activation was created for healing and transforming body, mind and spirit. The golden light is also used to balance and synchronize heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, and right brain creativity with left brain logic, bringing you into wholeness. You will fill all your multidimensional levels with the golden light to transform all negativity and heal body, mind and spirit.

While meditating years ago, I experienced a huge golden angel standing behind me and felt and electro-magnetic charge flowing through me, vibrating and pulsating through my body while filling every cell with bright golden light. Later, I used the experience as part of the Infinite Healing CD so that others may also have the opportunity to experience this amazing golden healing light.