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Hello Dear Light Beings;

These past few years have brought many of us into our greatest fears, disenchantment, and Divine abandonment. We wonder how bad it can get with thoughts of, “what the hell is happening to our earth and each other” and “God, please get this over with”!! Most of us are very tired of standing on the proverbial cliff waiting to fly off into the higher dimension of ascension.

Others have become blissed out with enhanced feelings of love, peace and contentment with no seeming attachments to the world we live in. There are still others who flip between bliss and fear, riding the roller coaster of emotions while feelings of being a failure on their path to enlightenment, mainly due to not being able to maintain their blissful states. Still, many more remain unconscious to the higher frequencies plummeting the earth while remaining in fear and anger of the many changes taking place on earth…both inside and outside of themselves.

CHANGE!! This is the name of the game we are currently playing on earth at this time. No one is in a place where they shouldn’t be and all are in the position that best fits for their path on this extremely important timeline for our mother earth. We, as a collective, have requested this change and have greatly added to the expansion of All That Is regardless of where we find ourselves on our chosen path. Every heart-based step we take towards our own healing evolves the whole whether we are able to see it or feel it ourselves.  Please keep taking those steps forward as everything is being transformed and transmuted on deeper levels that will soon make an appearance in our awareness.

On a personal note, these last few years have brought so much insight and awareness that have both percolated forward through my soul during my daughter’s intermittent illnesses, my own previous illness, the death of a very good friend, and some difficult family situations. Although these situations could easily be perceived in a negative way, they have brought me profound insight into the unconditionality of love from the Divine. My heart has expanded greatly and I now have the ability to view everything from a higher perspective with love and clarity. Adonai has definitely helped me along this path in the most synchronistic ways.

I won’t say that there haven’t been times of negativity and “why me” and “what do I need to learn now”? We live in a world of duality where it is natural to feel the ups and downs of our energy and those of others. However, I have come to a sweet surrender and an acceptance of what is, while navigating our shared reality along with my personal reality. As they say, “it may be simple but it ain’t easy”! I am continually grateful to have Adonai always there to encourage me and to provide higher perspectives that I could’ve easily missed.


I have been busy with Adonai since they began speaking through me in late 2017. It actually began our conversations many years previous through thought and automatic writings. During the past couple of years, we (Adonai and I) spoke to a few groups privately and I provided some personal readings in 2018. A very good friend passed in early 2019 and I again stopped bringing Adonai through my voice for a few months, at least with others. 


Readings With Adonai and New Offer

I later began again and have made another change in the readings offered. Although the readings are already greatly discounted, I have decided to offer readings at a lower rate to those who are experiencing financial difficulty. I know there are a lot of wonderful souls who simply cannot afford most of the readings advertised online. Readings can also be conducted through Skype, Video Messenger (cell phone), or webmail questions. Please contact me first so we can make arrangements. More information here.

Another thing I am learning on a physical level is how to present Adonai in ways that can be reached by many. I’ve created a couple of YouTube videos of his talks from 2018 and have transcribed those channels. Of course, it always provides a deeper understanding to hear the voice inflexions and feel the energy rather than just reading. I’ve named the YouTube Channel “Adonai Speaks”.

Video 4 

In this channel, Adonai answers questions for a person in a group setting. “What was my connection to Jesus”? “Is he my spirit guide”?  Adonai also discusses healing, sending light and love to others, and humanities greatest gift. The questions were edited out for the privacy of the person asking the questions.

Video 3

In this transmission of Adonai Speaks # 4, topics contain information on. *Particles, waves, and atoms, (light) entering and emitting in our physical beings, the universe, and dimensions. *We are always connected through these particles. *Humanity is creating a “Unity Consciousness” through these particles. * The “we” of us is expanding into a re-formation of all humanity. * How ad when to give of yourself. * The difference in giving out of our need to give and our compassion. * Dealing with adult children and family members out of need or compassion.

Video 2

Adonai speaks about who they are and then gets into the difference between ghosts/spirits and soul.

Video 1  

Adonai speaks about the Higher Self, our interdimensional selves, how much we judge, perception is everything, earth, and how powerful we are.


These adventures have been difficult for me since they require applications and technology that I am not familiar with! I am an older person who was around long before computer technology and cell phones! Being totally self-taught and independent has created both exasperation and frustration when learning to use video apps, YouTube, and transcribing. So, please forgive any mistakes! At the same time, these new frontiers have also added so much satisfaction, exhilaration and energy once being achieved. Never give up!) Besides, I’m sure I’ve created many more neurons!

As I learn to transcribe, edit, and create videos, there will be more videos and transcripts of Adonai Speaks sent out soon.



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With Infinite Love and Blessings, ^i^

Jackie Haverty