Personal Message:

May your blessings quadruple as peace and well-being are enhanced as we expand into this new decade. And, may this new year offer you the foundation and acceptance of your expansion and the ownership of your multidimensional divine self.

Although this new decade symbolizes a time of great chaos and the destruction of the old, it also symbolizes the opportunity for insights beyond measure; hope beyond all the darkness the light brings into view; and eternal love for all the earth has endured. We have so much opportunity now to expand and rebuild all we desire by just loving and accepting ourselves exactly as we are. Trust that all that happens will bring you the peace, love and joy you have longed for.

I just began a beautiful Sacred Mediumship course by Suzanne Geisman. After the very powerful electrical event of 2017, I instantly began to voice channel. Receiving messages was not new to me but this was totally out of my comfort zone. Those who knew me would say I was somewhat shy and very reluctant n when speaking in public. Over the last couple of years, I stopped channelling for a few months at a time before picking it up again. The death of someone very close to me left me with a hole in my heart unable to be filled. As well, my daughter who is partially disabled had medical concerns that I needed to deal with. My own health was an obstacle on top of everything else. I rejoice and am deeply grateful that the last few years have also brought beautiful gifts as well as some overwhelming challenges.

Trust in myself required growth in my self and in my connections. Taking Suzanne’s Sacred Mediumship course is certainly my goal to live more fully from this place. I intend to use these tools to strengthen and deepen my connections and to continue to expand this work and the messages from “Adonai” and “Jeshua”. I intend to be the clear channel for all my guides bringing forth guidance and support in the lives of others. I intend to step into my joy, happiness and fulfillment in doing this work.

Although I just celebrated 75 years on earth this past New Years Eve, I know that symbolically, this new year and new decade, will provide the opportunity to set new and powerful goals….for all of us. I claim my ownership of my personal power and I invite each of you to do the same. Remember, we are powerful beyond measure.


Adonai Speaks:



Tools From Ann Albers and the Angels

Ann offers some great tools for us to use during these times of great contrast. 


“Seek and ye shall find…” the angels remind me often. Here are some tips to seek – and find – more light, more goodness, more joy, and more inspiration in a world that doesn’t always offer such things as easily or visibly as we might hope.

1. When you see darkness look for light

As Australia continues to burn there are many heroic souls helping to save the animals they can reach. In the recent disasters, stories of super-human charity and kindness arise. Amidst the public exposures of untruths, greater truth arises.

In every sad and difficult situation there are those working hard to bring a greater light. Seek those stories. Share them. Look for, and bring attention to the light rising up and out of the darkness.

2. Pray to see the light arising in difficult individuals

When someone irritates you or makes choices so far removed from you own that you are clear they do not resonate with you, try to avoid judgment and pray instead to see how they are striving to find more light in their lives.

For example, angry souls are seeking greater self-love. Envious souls are trying to find their own power. Souls who lie and are out of integrity, don’t yet know they can live and be loved in their truth.

When someone acts unthinkably towards me, I pray with all my heart to see how their soul is striving to find a greater love. As I surrender into the belief that they truly are, then I am able to see, with compassion, the pain that drives them. In that reality, I can discern rather than judge. I can choose what belongs in my life with compassion, rather than needing anger and judgment to justify my boundaries.

God and the angels love such prayers and will always assist us in seeing the light attempting to arise in others… if we are truly open to seeing it.

3. Use Social Media as a Force of Light

I love photography. It forces me to look for beauty. I challenge myself to find something lovely to photograph even in the blandest situations. Then I share that beauty on social media.

If photography is not your thing, maybe inspirational quotes are. Read a line, or a page, a day and share something that inspired you. Seek out articles about people helping one another, helping animals, cleaning up the oceans, inventing earth friendly technologies, making breakthroughs in science. Allow yourself to be uplifted by these stories and share them.

Share the good that you are experiencing in your own life. Did you do something that uplifted you? Did you learn something new? Share it. We inspire ourselves and others when we share our joys.

Rather than using social media as a space to air grievances and saying, “How can they… !?” with righteousness and indignation, ask “How do you think they can…” as a tool for understanding. If you post something you disagree with, try saying something like, “I find this hard to understand. I don’t agree. But I am striving to see how the souls involved are attempting to grow… Any ideas?” or if that doesn’t feel like you, how about, “I don’t like this behavior or situation. I can’t agree with it. It angers me and makes me sad. Please help me pray for ….”

Promote discovery vs. division, and prayer vs. crucifixion. You can be a force of great light and still have your own sacred point of view. As the angels like to tell me often, “If you strive to share the good, you will first have to seek and see the good.

We live in a world of incredible contrast. There are many situations and behaviors that appear unthinkably dark. Yet at the very same time, there is glorious and beautiful light emerging.

When people often tell me I don’t live in the “real world,” my first reply is to invite them into my world – a world where everyone is striving to grow into a greater awareness of their true nature, and a world in which there are billions of souls making both quiet and public contributions to our collective good on a daily basis.

Seek good. See good… Feel good 🙂


Infinite Love and Blessings,

Jackie ^i^