Guided Meditations

PLEASE NOTE: All Guided Meditations are now downloadable in MP3 or WAV form. I no longer create hard copy CDs that can be sent through mail. Just the sign of the times with technology advances:)      

We have many guided meditations available with more being added as created. Jackie’s Guided Meditations combine Jackie’s soothing voice and transformative words combined with spontaneously composed, celestial music by Paul Armitage. Together, they weave a tapestry of transcendence where words and music become One. All of Jackie’s Guided Meditation downloads  were produced from personal spiritual experiences and words from Higher Guidance with amazing results for the listener. The vibrational patterns resulting from this combination of words and music create the most profound space for connection with your Higher Self and Source energy. As well, each MP3 has a sample available for listening. Enjoy the journey!! I

Jackie has also partnered with Hemi-Sync (previously known as the Munroe Institute) to create guided meditations. The combination of Jackie’s words and voice with the amazing Hemi-Sync music helps to expand consciousness ever further into the essence of our true selves while raising our vibrational frequencies into yet unexplored dimensions. They are located under Meditations With Hemi-Sync.

We have also partnered with Hemi-Sync as an Affiliate for Classes on Mediumship which we receive a small payment if bought from this website. We only choose those products which we have already used, experienced, or listened to in order to bring you the very best of our primary choices.


Here are a few of the testimonials from our Testimonial Page.

“Hello Jackie. I am so excited….you are a gift from the Universe. Thank you for the fabulous CDs. They have transformed my life in many ways. I can’t recommend them enough. The music and your voice are both Divine….Beth, Vancouver, BC

“You have a phenomenal gift and your voice is angelic. You are truly an angel here to help us on earth…Lois, BC

Personal Activation CD:

“WOW, I am speechless!!! I received the CDs today and right now I’m listening to one of them….I am just blown away and so filled with gratitude!”….Maria, NY., USA  

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