Messages From Adonai

I have just begun adding Adonai’s audio messages to this web-page and, at times, am still wondering “why me” and “why at this late stage of my life”! And then I keep hearing, “why not” and “you are an eternal being of consciousness”. I do understand that all beings who give intent with an open heart, will continue their journey, either here, on the other side, or into the 5th Dimension and beyond, with love, peace and joy beyond imagination. We are here to help each other and the earth regardless of the chosen time and space provided.      

If I can add to this earth and all existent upon her in any way, then why not? Because of this very chaotic and turbulent time in our existence, we are all needed more than ever before to shine our love light with compassion and grace as we re-discover who we truly are at the core of our being. Loving ourselves and each other are crucial parts to these immense changes currently taking place. We are on a trajectory that is changing and transforming all of us into the new humans we are projected to become.   

“You do not deserve anything although you are worthy of everything”. Adonai

MESSAGES From Adonai:                                                                                                              

In this transmission of Adonai Speaks # 4, topics contain information on. *Particles, waves, and atoms, (light) entering and emitting in our physical beings, the universe, and dimensions. *We are always connected through these particles. *Humanity is creating a “Unity Consciousness” through these particles. * The “we” of us is expanding into a re-formation of all humanity. * How ad when to give of yourself. * The difference in giving out of our need to give and our compassion. * Dealing with adult children and family members out of need or compassion.

In this channel, Adonai answers questions in a group setting. * “What was my connection to Jesus”? “Is he my spirit guide”? * Adonai also discusses healing, sending light and love to others, and humanities greatest gift. *The questions were edited out for the privacy of the person asking the questions.

Adonai speaks about who they are and then gets iinto the difference between ghosts/spirits and soul.  

Adonai speaks about the Higher Self, our interdimensional selves, perception iIS everything, earth, and how powerful we are.


Pre-planning Life and Choice:

Overwhelm and New Energy:

News and Fear:

Who You Are:

Love and the 5th Dimension:

Explanation of the 5th Dimension: