Jackie’s Message:

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. Like almost everyone, I have become polarized in my judgments (ugh) and admit that I remain a bit of a “news freak” when it comes to issues affecting humanity.

I’ve learned to reach a sort of equilibrium with this outward chaos by turning off any news and other social networks for a few days or week at a time. Help is only a breath and a choice away.  Soaking up peace by walking in nature renews my soul and has always been my “go-to” when life becomes overwhelming.  Daily meditations also provide the expansiveness required to view things from a higher (or inner) perspective. And, offering kindness to our world through thoughts and form becomes easier when not focused on the external.

We must continue being kind to ourselves above all else. Only then can we share that kindness with our fellow humans and within the collective consciousness that we all share.

History and personal experiences have brought an enormous amount of compassion and empathy for those who suffer in any circumstances.  My intuitive instincts have become honed in ways that would, at times, spontaneously take over my physical and emotional body feeling much like a kick in the stomach to let me know when a person, especially children, were being traumatized in any way. It was usually obvious when a person was lying and manipulating others which I understood was a manifestation of their own trauma and fear.  This is how Donald Trump affected me with his words and actions.   

Onto My Donald Trump Dream:

After the “Impeachment” of Donald Trump took place, I was feeling a little stressed about the future of the US and the world with a president who wanted full control of everyone and everything within his sphere of influence. A real dictator in the making!

I went to bed that night with all those thoughts percolating through my mind. Sometime in the early morning, before awakening, I had a very distinct and clearly defined dream.  Mr Trump was sitting in a wheelchair looking very frail and slightly bending forward. The room he was in appeared like a very large and fancy room but felt somewhat like a hospital. He was not in good shape. I seemed to be one of his caregivers that were tending to his wounds. He had open wounds on his body, legs and feet. They were about the size of a golf ball and were oozing with pus-like material. (another “ugh”)I felt absolutely no hate or disdain…actually, I felt nothing at all as I gently cleansed and bandaged one of the open wounds on his foot. And then, I went behind his wheelchair to wrap a warm blanket around his arms and shoulders. My arms went around him with the blanket and hugged him from behind. Again, I felt no judgment or emotion for him until my arms embraced him from behind. And then I felt such deep compassion with total love and understanding.  It was an extraordinary experience that is totally indescribable unless completely immersed from within the inner/higher self.  The context can only be given meaning through our own limited 3D words.  

I understood from the highest soul level that Donald Trump had agreed to play out his role in this lifetime in order to help create the most magnificent shift in consciousness this earth has ever experienced. 

I’m not saying that I condone Mr Trump’s actions in any way for I know deep inside of me that he is here to destroy all remnants of decency, honesty, and integrity in order to expose the darkest of the dark, unwittingly and unknowingly. The ugliness is brought to the surface to be cleared from the earth to make space for Love and Light to finally have its rightful place in our conscious awareness.  We are slowly creating heaven on earth through our own thought forms and choices made.  

When I woke from the dream, my first thought was OMG!!! What the hell!! He’s disgusting!!! Then I realized I had been in a much, much higher place with the perspective of my higher consciousness…my soul self. I recognized Mr Trump’s wheelchair as a symbol of how disabled and crippled he is in this lifetime (emotionally and psychologically).  And, I recognized his open wounds as symbols at how much he had been wounded from such an early age in order to play his role in order to realize the greatest impact for humanity.  

I felt the total compassion and understanding because I recognized his soul and his agreement to be so disabled and wounded in order to teach the world more succinctly about love and fear and to help the earth with this awesome shift we are currently experiencing.

We are truly all One, each playing our individual roles in order to push each other forward into the light of recognizing…ultimately…all is Love expressed.  And, sometimes, it actually does seem to take a two by four across our heads to get it! We are all reaching that point of wholeness as our own personal and earthly woundedness becomes our collective salvation. A difficult concept for many but we are becoming more consciously aware of the true value of every human being and the roles they play for our collective consciousness.

I still don’t like to see or hear Donald Trump on TV but I can’t help to see him just a little bit differently than before the dream. Love has a way of leaking through the veil during these times of great change.

Be ready for magical surprises to come your way!!