My Personal Message:

There comes a time when we decide to retire… for many reasons. I’ve personally been retired from formal work-life for

 a number of years now and find it’s now time to retire some of my oldest and best selling guided meditation downloads

My life has gone in so many different directions that I really never stuck to just one product, one place, or one desire. Years of change have brought a plethora of opportunities and challenges. The straight and narrow was never something I adhered to. 

Now, I’m ready to retire most of my downloads and will only keep the two that are licensed to Hemi Sync. There may be more agreements with Hemi Sync for meditations in the near future but as of now, I’m not sure! So, on we go! 

I’ll have to change some things on my website – and since there is only me – it’ll be sometime in March before the sale items are changed. I’m not sure how this will work yet but will let you know a couple of weeks before it happens. They will not be available anywhere else again. Ahhhhhh….retirement! ) 

As well as the meditation downloads, I’ve decided to let go of the “MasterPeace Meditation Course for Beginners“.  All classes are creatively designed and appropriately timed to present a combination of lectures, techniques, tools and exercises that build on themselves through each of the four classes.  There are prompts written in red throughout each class for clarity. These provide you with information on how to work with the material presented or what to do as the teacher.  

You may personalize each class to conform to your own personal style and expertise. You are welcome to change, re-create, and add to any of the classes according to the needs of your students, your own style, or add length to the classes.

There is extra material to use for your classes according to your choices, along with a reference list of books, videos, and websites for further information and support. There are also handouts for each class, homework assignments, and an evaluation form for your students.

For now, I am taking an amazing course on Mediumship by Suzanne Geisman who is a Medium, Mystic, Spiritual Teacher, and Afterlife Connector. From U.S. Navy Commander to Messenger of Hope.. It’s an amazing online course with people around the world. I love it! 

My intent is to hone my skills in channelling and mediumship and to improve, expand, deepen and flow with more clarity and fullness. I’ve been doing these things for many years, sporadically and mostly quite spontaneously, until I had the kundalini experience in 2017. After that, I went full force for a few months until a very good friend returned home in January 2018. It took the wind out of my sails but I’ve done a few readings since. The positive from this is that the loss also provided the time required to expand and connect in different ways.  

Again, everything has been changing and the connections we have to our Higher Self/Higher Consciousness are becoming stronger and more complete than we had ever previously expected. The great awakening is happening profoundly and exponentially in every country.


So, at this time, I’m excited to offer these channelled readings at a very low cost to everyone. Nobody will be left out due to financial hardship. All you have to do is contact me.  


Thanks so much for adding your energy to this blog.

With Infinite Love and Blessings,

Jackie Haverty