Channeled Readings


Come to Adonai prepared with a few questions that are focused on what you require for your inner journey to transform those challenges you may be experiencing. During the session, you will gain both simple, yet profoundly powerful information to assist you. As well, you will receive a greater understanding of the larger picture, and you will be filled with energetic frequencies contained in the messages to assist in accelerating your higher consciousness.  

An important note: This is not a predictive psychic reading. It is for those who choose the path of Self-empowerment and raising of consciousness for Ascension! Please know that many times your guides will not tell you exactly what to do. Free will is important – this is how we learn and grow. They will, however, give you a higher more expansive view on your circumstance so that you can move through it easily to create what you desire and can give you options.

Adonai does not present themselves as an authority on your past, present, or future. You are your own authority. This is why they first tap into the wisdom of your higher self and spirit guides. As with everything, accept only those answers that resonate intuitively as being right for you.

What is Channeling?

In general terms, channeling is the process of accessing higher levels of consciousness to receive guidance and inspiration that is shared with others. The higher levels of consciousness come from non-physical sources such as guides, ascended masters, angels, and more. The intent is to give you access to a higher-level understanding about your personal life as well as assistance to grow beyond your current self, cultivating greater peace and harmony in your life.

Channeling is the ability to receive direct messages and act as a conduit for light beings like ascended masters and archangels, or your personal master guides so that you can communicate directly with them for divine insight. By reaching a very deep state of meditation and getting myself completely “out of the way,” I make space for them to communicate directly through me.


Jackie Haverty


Channeled Sessions:

If you would like to have a Skype or phone session with the Adonai, simply choose one of the PayPal options below, for a 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute session.

I’ll respond as soon as I can in order to schedule your session.  Scheduling highly depends on the number of sessions needed to be booked and the time frame I have to complete them.

After the session, I’ll email you the recording as an MP3. Each time you listen to it, you’ll receive a renewal of the Collective’s energy gifts to you.

**Please Note: Adonai does not make medical diagnoses, give medical advice, or suggest treatments for any disorder, symptom, or illness, of any kind. Please see a qualified health practitioner for medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment.

**Note Financial Hardship: I have recently chosen to provide readings at a lower cost for those who are having a difficult time financially. This will take place until April 2nd, 2020. Please contact me for further information.

30-Minute Session: 50.00 

45-Minute Session: 65.00

One-Hour Session: 80.00

Please contact me to set an appointed time and date for your session.  I will send you an invoice or suggest a payment method.  

Contact for a reading can be created through Skype, Zoom, or phone.