Story Waters – Accept Your Choices

by Story Waters   


Accept Your Choices 

To change your reality when human you must become aware, at the level from which you are choosing, of the element in your reality that you wish to change. You must become aware of the original choice that you made. Come to know why you initially chose what you now do not want in order to change it. Know that you have concealed many of the choices you have made from yourself.

To know why you made any particular choice can best be approached by first taking responsibility for that choice. Do this by coming to accept that it was you who made the choice. You cannot change a choice that you do not take responsibility for, as the act of not taking responsibility externalizes that power from you. As long as you refuse to believe that you could have chosen a particular element of your reality, then you are separating yourself from the knowledge of why you chose it. You are, in this condition, living in a state of denial and have little hope of changing the choice, except to change its form to another that you must then still deal with.

Know that to not accept an element of your reality is to not accept one of your choices. It is to not accept an element of yourself. To deny your reality is to deny your choices; it is to deny yourself. Realize that you do not need to feel joy for every element of your reality, but you must accept that it was you who created it. Through the power of acceptance comes the power to change. This could be described as the ultimate ‘Catch 22’, as it means that you must accept what you do not want in order to change it to something that you do want. Lack of acceptance is a separation of yourself from your power to choose. To not accept is to deny your choice of reality. All non-acceptance is reality reflecting your denial back to you.

Accept to transform. Transform yourself through the acceptance of yourself. Transform others through your acceptance of them. Transform your world through your acceptance and honoring of all that it contains. There is no thing that does not seek validation through acceptance. Know that the foundation of acceptance is love. All seek love.

by Story Waters –