Messages From Adonai

Hello Dearest Light Beings;

The following Adonai messages are taken from a short conversation many years ago between a friend and the beautiful energy that came to be known as Adonai, years later.

Adonai: From the Heart of Oneness:

“From the heart of Oneness I come to show you the way. There are many ways into Oneness but all contain the way of the heart. When the heart calls, Oneness answers. The call has been made with timeless longing to become once more that which always was. To be Oneness is an embrace of all that you are. Oneness calls forth to you to be recognized with love and grace as the most magnificent, energetic being which is born all things. You are Oneness, and are everything you know and do not know, do and do not do, think and do not think, for all eternity. There is no Source beyond Oneness, and no Love that isn’t everywhere, within all energy and matter. You are made from Love since it is the Source of Oneness, the everything, All That Is. Which is you…I Am…Oneness. ” ADONAI

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Questions and Answers From Adonai:


I am working for this person who is very nice but I’m not wanting to work for her. I don’t like my job. So now what do I do? Also, I read I read that there is only 20 to 30 percent of us going to make a switch or become enlightened… I would like to know if I’m one of them?   Can I talk to you?


Yes of course you can.

You are on your path…that path is to know yourself and love who you are. You are slowly reaching that stage. We have no inclination to tell you what path would work for you as you know any path is the right path for learning and experiencing what you require to produce your next step forward. With love and acceptance of yourself you will know and feel what resonates with you. If you do not like your job then look for another until you find something you want. However, we will tell you that you may continue magnetizing situations and jobs into your life until you are able to see yourself in a positive frame by looking at yourself in a loving, compassionate way without judgment.


I would love to have an income so that I can go to spiritual events and have a home to invite others to ..maybe a healing center to invite others and develop a community.


Those are your desires and we are here to tell you that anything you desire is available to you. Just believe in yourself and know that this is open to you and be open to it. Enjoy what you have now. You can’t get to the place you want to go through the energy that you are creating now.


I do try to be up about everything but sometimes just seeing where I am and knowing that I created this makes me sad. I didn’t want to create this for myself on this level, but did on some other level that I wasn’t aware of and now have to live with. I’ve had too many disappointments and no frame of reference to feel or visualize for success or worthiness.


You create those things yourself without knowing it since you are unaware of the thoughts you are attracting. Although you have no frame of reference, you can still be in joy and look forward to the moment, live now in joy every moment. Learn to do this moment by moment and you will soon  learn to have peace in the now and will bring more positive things to flow to you. You are not attracting those things into your life that you desire because you are not vibrating at that level.

It’s not doing anything, it’s allowing everything. Allow whatever it is that’s happening in your life to just be. Allow it and you allow yourself to just be. Accepting and allowing are parts of the same things. What you can accept you can also allow, what you can allow, you can love, and what you can love, you can heal. Once you allow life to flow through you and accept each moment as it is…then life flows more to you… more of what you desire.


I wouldn’t have any desires if I never had any contrast or just allowed everything.


You can allow everything but still have desire. That means that you are happy with you, with everything in your life, your okay with it but you know you desire more or different things in your life. You are the Creator. Create from your heart and soul not from your thoughts alone. That you create from your thoughts is what confuses. Create from your mind through your thoughts and emotions. Allow your mind to open to good, positive thoughts about everything… not even just positive but just allowing thoughts…like it’s ok…everything is ok.. just the way it is. When everything is ok and flowing, it is then that you are allowing other positive desires to come to you. You are allowing your thought to be okay… whatever they are…

Even if your thoughts are negative or condemning….realize that this is just a thought you have without judgment of the thought. Once you realize that this is just a thought, then you can change to a different thought,  a better feeling thought. You see, your emotions and feelings and thoughts are all intertwined. You have thoughts and beliefs about who you are, what you deserve, how worthy you are and then those beliefs magnetize to you what you believe about yourself. However, you can change those beliefs by becoming aware of your thoughts and changing those thoughts moment by moment. That’s why we say, live in the now in the now moment. And with each moment think those thoughts that feel good to you.

Even if something is happening that you think is negative or bad, think to yourself that this is just a thought that has materialized and it can be changed with another thought. A bit of a different perception. We understand this one to be quite difficult for humanity, but all will eventually change their perceptions, thoughts, and feeling enough that nothing like this will ever take place again. For instance if someone gets murdered that you know, even a family member, this is the worst thought you feel you can have. Then with that information and that horrible thought of terrible suffering they must’ve endured, “oh my god my aunt, brother, sister, parents, child had died a horrible death”. You can even change that by thinking the beloved member of the family left his or her body before the awful event happened. They are now perfectly safe and secure in the arms of love. You can feel the sorrow, the grief, the missing them, the sadness without loosing yourself in the misery. Just change your thoughts bit by bit, piece by piece. Know that that person had a mission and completed their mission and went home to gather energy together for the next