Jackie’s Meditation Downloads

YouTube video “I Am Creation”

(Taken from Track 2 of Infinite Healing)

“Feel the vibrational frequencies of words and music as they resonate with truth and love of who you are. Remember you are pure Love, the Creator and the Created. Voice: Jackie Haverty. Music: Paul Armitage.”

All Guided Meditation MP3s combine Jackie Haverty’s soothing voice and transformative words with spontaneously composed, celestial music by Paul Armitage. Together, they weave a tapestry of transcendence where words and music become One. All MP3s  were produced from Higher Guidance with amazing results for the listener. The vibrational patterns resulting from this combination of words and music create the most profound space for connection with your Higher Self and Source energy. As well, each MP3 has a sample available for listening. Enjoy the journey!! It has begun!



Infinite Healing

Journey to the Crystal Palace

Journey to the 5th Dimension

Journey Through the Chakras

I Am One

I Am Infinitely Creative

Freedom From Fear and Doubt