Master Peace Meditation

This is truly a unique, one of a kind course with four weekly classes developed specifically for those who wish to teach meditation tools to clients and students.  It provides the teachers with an excellent opportunity for a passionate, inspirational career. As well, it provides an excellent pathway towards inner awareness and enlightenment for both the teacher and the student.

All classes are creatively designed and appropriately timed to present a combination of lectures, techniques, tools and exercises that build on themselves through each of the four classes.  There are prompts written in red throughout each class for clarity. These provide you with information on how to work with the material presented or what to do as the teacher.  

You may personalize each class to conform to your own personal style and expertise. You are welcome to change, re-create, and add to any of the classes according to the needs of your students, your own style, or add length to the classes.

There is extra material to use for your classes according to your choices, along with a reference list of books, videos, and websites for further information and support. There are also handouts for each class, homework assignments, and an evaluation form for your students.

Check it out.