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Kasey and Brad Wallis

Brad Wallis was in a car accident when he experienced a near death experience, during a group of multidimensional enlightened beings welcomed Brad and provided him with incredible information regarding how the human existence came to be, and what our souls are doing on this physical plane.

Brad and The Group agreed that he would return to his body and they would aid in his physical recovery so he could share with other humans what he had learned. The Group promised Brad they would continue their communication with him through the collaboration of ‘another’.

On waking in hospital, Brad’s now wife Kasey became an open clear conduit of communication for The intelligence Group. While serving as the conduit, Kasey actually becomes the energy of the Group, who are called Julius. Read more about Brad and Kasey

“I have taken many courses by Julus through Kasey and was stunned by the truth resounding in the words expressed. Truly amazing stuff” Jackie Haverty

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 “As a Channel and regression therapist, I would like to highly recommend the spiritual work of Brad and Kasey. Kasey’s channeling has assisted many incarnate beings struggling with being in body at this time…”
Earl L. Beckman, PH.D