Expand Love Consciousness


Here is an extremely powerful technique to help you open to the love within you, and to build upon that love. This will transform your relationship with yourself and help you begin to operate from a much higher vibration of self-love and acceptance.

It’s important to spend time doing work on the inside, developing deep and lasting self-love, acceptance and compassion. The more we can remember and feel the love within, the more we have to give to the world. You are inherently divine, beautiful, worthy and deserving.

Track 1 provides a three minute written exercise to prepare for the guided meditation. The guided meditation in track 2, explores the love within as a natural flow with each remembered experience. As this internal love flows, it builds upon itself each time you listen to the meditation, eventually creating a lasting feeling of love and bliss within.  A very powerful exercise and meditation! 

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Inner Sanctuary. 

Journey through the colors of the 7 major chakras to reach your perfect  sanctuary  for connection with your Higher Self.  All you have to do is close your eyes and go within. By using creative visualization you can design your own inner sanctuary. The more you visit it, the more clear the visualization will be to you and the more easily you’ll see it.

As an added bonus, starting every meditation by going to your inner sanctuary will train your mind to get right into meditation mode as soon as you begin to make the trip. It helps bring you to that state of consciousness faster and with more ease as soon as you close your eyes to visualize. 

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Crystal DNA Activation

This 23 minute Activation was re-mixed from “Journey to the 5th Dimension” for the focused intent of transforming your DNA. You will again experience the Crystal Palace and receive an initiation of Platinum Violet Light that transforms your DNA through the crystalline table beneath you. This allows your body to evolve as your body transforms from a carbon based matter, to a silica-based matter and eventually into crystalline liquid-light pre-matter. You will once again consciously reach the state of At-ONE-ment with Source as your DNA evolves. This has always been and continues to be the true evolutionary path of human consciousness.

DNA Activation is the process that allows you to activate your higher states of consciousness. The key is to remove the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual restrictions that have been placed within our DNA from every time frame and dimension experienced.

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A Powerful  Golden Light Healing Activation       Golden Light Activation

This 23 minute meditation was edited and remixed from the download “Infinite Healing” Track 1. A very powerful and profound, golden angelic light activation was created for healing and transforming body, mind and spirit. The golden light is also used to balance and synchronize heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, and right brain creativity with left brain logic, bringing you into wholeness. You will fill all your multidimensional levels with the golden light to transform all negativity and heal body, mind and spirit.

While meditating years ago, I experienced a huge golden angel standing behind me and felt and electro-magnetic charge flowing through me, vibrating and pulsating through my body while filling every cell with bright golden light. Later, I used the experience as part of the Infinite Healing CD so that others may also have the opportunity to experience this amazing golden healing light.

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