Expand With Julius


Conversations With Your Higher Self

Welcome My friends,

This is the beginning of what will be an extraordinary conversation with perhaps another, or better yet, your higher self or higher selves.
Is this an idea you could comprehend or even a possibility you might ask yourself or say to yourself? If you can answer YES to either of those questions what is it that you would say to your higher self, or dare to ask to someone of higher knowing?
Would you say join me?… Join me on this wonderful journey of inner searching’s and get answers to your inner most yearnings and desires. Learn from your own assistance about this journey upon this plane…. this plane of existence called the Human experience.
Is this a possibility for you? Is this an idea you could play with?
Join Me, Join yourself as we will be taking you on an inner searching for answers to the inner most knowings and yearnings and desires that only you could understand. You are here to assist yourself, we are here to assist yourself upon this wonderful plane of existence.
Do you have the curiosity? Do you have the courage? Do you have the never ending desire to receive from someone or something that is only YOU?

What if….this dialogue was designed by You for You?

What if…. you sent yourself this message from your Higher self?

What if….there are no wrong answers, only never-ending possibilities on any of your ideas?

What if….your ideas bring you closer to your highest version of your highest self?

What if….someone has come to have this extraordinary conversation with you?

What if that someone is YOU?
What is it you are searching for?
What is it you are searching for on this plane of existence?

What if…. you could ask the question’s and get the answers? No agenda, No preaching, No requirements, No expectations other than the one’s You have placed upon yourself or your own selves?

Is it hard to imagine? Is it hard to comprehend? Does it hurt your brain just a little to think about the words? Or even the remote possibility that this could be possible?
Are you afraid of what the answers might be? Are you prepared for the answers you might receive?

So what would you ask? What are some of the questions you would ask yourself? Would you teach yourself how to get the answers to your questions? Would you teach yourself how to listen for the answers? How to tap into your own knowing of your own answers, and only You can do that. No one else can do that for you. Isn’t that wonderful? You are in charge of YOU!
No criteria, No religious agenda, No right and wrong, just YOU with YOU and only YOU.
What are those constant questions you ask yourself every day…. the one’s you try to deny…. Just ask them and be prepared for the answers. You might be surprised what the answers will be…..
Is it even possible to think this could happen to YOU? Is it possible that you could ask yourself those question’s? Is it possible for you to think this way? To get answers for only YOU? What would you do?
Seriously think for just a moment as you read this….close your eyes and put all the distraction away and ask yourself that very question….Is it possible?….
Did you get your answer? Did you feel the answer inside yourself? Did you allow yourself to give you the answer you were searching for?

We believe at Expand with Julius that all your questions can be answered by yourself if you are allowed to do just that….ASK….The problem arises that most human beings question everything that they receive. There is always a form of agenda or requirement to everything on this plane of existence. And because of that you have stopped asking yourself those very questions. You’ve stopped getting the ideas, you’ve stopped asking your higher self what is it you are searching for?
Come with us…come play with us…come get your answers…but better yet…. we will allow you to ask your questions. Your higher knowing questions. Come sit in our audience as we travel around the world bringing this message to all who are willing to listen.
Come ask your questions….your questions to your higher self….Just be prepared for the answers, the answers that only you will receive along with everyone else in the audience. Can you comprehend that everyone receives their own answers? That no two people hear or understand or think the same? No two people will receive the same answers…isn’t that fabulous….Just think about it…..and ask yourself….WHAT IF?


Now let’s go play……