Breath Through Your Potential – Zoe Davenport

Breathe Through Your Accelerated Potential by Stepping Into the Unknown.

Channelled by the Lyran Council, Crystalline Council & Elders of Gaia : through Zoe Davenport





Breathe life

Breathe energy

Breathe fire

Breathe love

Breathe grounding

Breathe your way through the process right now as you are being prepared to walk through a gateway and into another existence of your dimensional selves.

Breathe dear ones and allow this breath to calm and sooth the over active ego mind of constraints , yarning, wondering as to how it will all work out at this time.

There is nothing new that can be created from the old belief systems that we are challenging you to release.

There is no alignment of a higher timeline that can form when the focus is fixed on holding onto ones that are falling away.

Trust and breathe, breathe and trust and allow us to support you, allow our love to guide you, allow our experience of the higher dimensional frequency to sooth your souls that you are on the right path at this time.

Many times over we have been alinging you to these truths and many times there is continued doubt as to how things will work out — use the knowledge that with each shift — more crystalline energy can be felt, can be embodied and can be embraced.

Crystalline ascension, higher embodiment of your truths to create from light in physical form, can step into those dimensional moments of joy as you see through the vales of one reality and can walk in and out of another in physical dimensional form.

As the collective Lyran Council, The Crystalline Council, The elders of Gaia we come to you with great love, great support and great guidance that all is truly truly well — step through the perceived “human” experience — see through the 3D conditioning of how this needs to play out in physical form and step up to the energy that wants to play and dance with you at this time.

The void, the space, the not knowing, the collapsing of timelines is all part of the process to expand — the ego would have you believe this is not in alignment but don’t you see? the chaos is where the perfection of your experience is truly formed. It’s an invitation to step into the space, to expand in that space, to breathe in that space and to allow and embody the light in that space to explore, create and BE — Being in Joy, at one with all that is.

It can feel like turmoil as emotions run high as to how this will all play out — and this is the time to tune inwards — into your inner knowing — seek to find grounding and comfort with your inner vision — understand the patterns of alignment that are truly forming beyond the space if you allow yourselves to visit that place beyond the space, beyond the chaos, beyond the ego needs to know all at this time.

Are you expanding ? are you being free in the energy available ? are you living with your hearts opened to the excitement? excitement yes excitement as the collective are able to go through and “feel” these shifts at this time is truly a beautiful moment in dimensional experience. For there are great shifts occurring from these gateways.

Take the time now to tune into your hearts

What do you truly wish to experience?, what do you truly wish to embody?, how do you truly wish to feel?, how can you be loving, supporting and nurturing to yourselves at this time?

It’s a game of rest, grounding, nurturing and patience — for remember as you gain access to the higher potentials in physical form this still needs to flow into the physical 3D human experience and this can feel like you have been waiting your entire lives for shifts to occur. Breathe life back into the human experience and the multi-dimensional piece of self can help to support the accelerated timeline jumps and move through the gateways with ease.

Ask yourselves are you expanding or contracting your energies at this time?

Are you in trust all is in divine order?

Are you being present?

Are you allowing the grace of the human experience?

Are you truly being HERE in the NOW?

These will all support and assist you on your paths and will gift peace in the present that all is truly well.

Love — are you loving enough? are you in trust of your experience as things are shifting, and moving and accelerating? remember to love yourselves unconditionally through each moment to truly align to that which wants to come in for you at this time.

Love dears ones — open your hearts and FEEL yourselves at peace and grounding with each breath.

As you relax into the journey your expansion can happen, your alignment can begin and you open your heart to our support and assistance — you are never alone we are all in support and loving of you at this time.

Breathe , allow, embrace, support and let go — let go — let go gift yourselves what you need at this time and sit and bask in the vast empty space of the unknown to truly step into the exploration of your unwritten future of divine potential.

These moments will gift you the shifts you have been hoping for in your human experience — but first you must allow those shifts to occur — freely, openly and with love. All is aligned in the higher frequency as you seek your continued grounding into the human experience the energy has a place to reside in physical form — work with your roots at this time — really ground into the ascending frequencies of Gaia allow her loving embrace to sooth your hearts and gift you the reassurance you have been asking for.

All truly is well in the now — there is no race, there is nothing you you have missed there is all here for you.

Allow yourselves to receive the space you asked for to let go of all the chaos and step into alignment with your dimensional souls.

Breathe dear ones you are truly loved, supported at this time — so let go of the unknown or the need to know and step into the space with love, grounding and peace and take rest and comfort.

Breathe all is well x

The collective councils of Lyrans, Crystalline and Elders

Zoe Davenport
Crystalline Grid Activator & Ascension Guide