All is Playing Out

All Is Playing Out

Posted on November 19, 2016

Greetings in the Light of the Radiant One! We are here to tell you that there is much to be seen in the coming days. There is no alarm, however we also say prepare yourselves. Focus on your light within and this shall radiate out so others can feel of your presence which will calm any ensuing storm. This Thursday is a holiday you call Thanksgiving (in your United States). Please give thanks to everything, both of what you call the dark and also the light. This is a time of balancing. Any ego (away from being heart felt) will take you out of remaining calm. Know that all is playing out so you dear human can see the light that you truly are.

This time on your calendar has been set to bring about a discord, however we say it will do quite the opposite. You will be able to see or witness the tyranny that has played before you. You will see it for what it is. You will see a window into what has gone on in this world of form. It was allowed as this planet is a planet of free will with no governance interference. However there were ways to get around this and now this will be seen for what it is. In your timeline many will see the truth. Others will not. Hold your light and the more of you who do this from your heart centers, the brighter your light and those in fear will come out of their hiding so they too will witness this grand explosion of light and truth.

There are many of us who are playing our parts yet most of you see us not. We are your brothers and sisters of the stars and planets within your solar system. In the coming days we will be showing ourselves. Feel our love and light. We cannot force our light onto you. Again the more you focus on your own light (and this exists within you all), the greater the experience of our communication. We love you for we are all light and it is “time” for those of you on this earthen plane to be aware of this. Some of you will be awe struck while others will go into fear with our appearances. Be aware there will be much fear mongering going on. Do not fall into their trap. There may be false flags being flown and we mean that figuratively and literally.

We thank you for your presence.

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