Meet Jackie

About Jackie

Jackie has worked as a Social Worker, Counselor, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, New Energy Facilitator, Inner-Dimensional Healer and Meditation Teacher.

She has created intuitively inspired guided meditation CDs with musician, Paul Armitage. Together, they weave a tapestry of music and words that contain a resonance of love and healing.

Jackie also custom makes personal guided meditation CDs for those who have a desire to heal a specific illness or challenge in life.

Jackie’s Background:

Throughout life, I had many experiences that created confusion and trepidation before coming into my awareness. Some experiences were of a metaphysical and spiritual nature that included spontaneous out of body experiences, abduction experiences, spontaneous past life recall, and many other spiritual experiences that I’m unable to translate into words.

There were experiences of being paralyzed with fear during abduction experiences and times when spirits who had crossed over would visit without announcing their presence first.

The death of my ex-husband in his middle years along with his previous near death experience, created an opening for my transformation and a healing in the years following.

After years of turmoil, chaos, deaths, health issues, divorce, dysfunctional relationships, poverty and many, many moves, the challenges became less and life seemed to become more balanced.

While walking down a country road in the late 1980’s in northern Canada, I felt an incredible and very intense surge of Love throughout my heart and being. Tears of joy flowed down my cheeks but I couldn’t understand where this intense feeling of love was coming from.  Was I feeling someone’s love for me or was that coming from inside myself for myself??

A few years later, I was to understand that this was the Divine essence within all of life. The depth of that love grew and expanded within my meditations. And soon, just the thought of “LOVE” could create the intensity of that feeling. Try as I may, there are no words to adequately describe the depth and intensity of that Divine love that lives within us.

However, I do know that it is available to all of us, and that when we love someone, it is our own Divinity that we are expressing. No one can give us that love or create it within us. They can only open the door to help us remember that we already ARE that LOVE :O)

Later in life, I decided to change professions and took courses in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Meditation.

I knew that everything we could ever seek was already inside of us for the choosing and I was determined to look within to find that Source of All.

I met Paul Armitage at a gathering in Vancouver, BC., and upon hearing his music, knew that we would be connected in some way. We later collaborated on several Guided Meditation Cds that sold worldwide. He remains a dear friend. You may find his amazing music at

Earlier, I had become best friends with Tish while we attended College together as non-traditional students – single parents – in South Dakota. Although we eventually moved many miles apart, our friendship continued, our children grew up, and there were many visits and phone calls between us.

Later, I used Tish for practicing my new found abilities in Hypnotherapy and found that she quickly went into a deep trance. It was during our first “trial” that Tish began to channel higher beings of light. After many profound personal conversations, Tish expanded into other areas of Mediumship, and later, devoted herself to her extended family and remains living in South Dakota. She has always had the ability to communicate with animals and is a natural medium and healer in every way. There are some of her channels shared within the Blog that are timeless.

Our world has been changing and evolving for a very long time. We have now passed the point of no return and are expanding quickly into the Christ Consciousness, Oneness, and the Ascension of all. My wish is that you find something within these pages that help you expand and grow in awareness.

Infinite Love and Blessings to All ^i^