Within the pages of Inner Light Connections, you will find higher vibrational tools through the Guided MeditationsChanneled Readings, and Messages from Adonai, (my personal Collective higher vibrational light), along with information and channels on our Blog that will speed up the process for integration with your Higher Self.

I’ve also recently completed beginner’s meditation project called, MasterPeace Meditation Course: Teacher’s Edition. This course includes four classes for those who want to teach meditation to clients and students.

Who is Adonai?

Adonai is a beautiful, loving, benevolent collective of multidimensional consciousness and highly evolved angelic frequencies who offer you transformational guidance to assist you on your path of Ascension. They are supportive of our journey through everyday life as well as our spiritual awakening and evolution. They are available to all who are drawn to and can benefit from their communication. Adonai ’s purpose is to assist you in remembering your inner Self as the Creator that you are. Their messages help you to accelerate your inner journey and remember the multidimensional aspects of your greater being.

These tools will help you to explore and expand your consciousness while facilitating healing on many levels as you journey into Divine Oneness.

This new Self is gradually awakening within the old Self. There is a metamorphosis taking place similar to being within a chrysalis changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly.  The old Self is dying as the new Self is birthing within. The Guided Meditation Downloads along with Adonai’s Messages and Readings will help you shift through that metamorphosis into the beauty of Christ Consciousness of pure unconditional LOVE.

The energies moving into the earth at this time provide a profound opportunity to expand our consciousness, to remember who we are, and to enjoy life the way it was intended – without suffering.

Every area of our lives is being re-shaped, re-wired, and re-membered. The old systems are now breaking down and new ones are taking their place. Out of chaos, we have the opportunity to make a quantum leap to the next evolutionary level.

After all, we are already living our thoughts, desires and emotions whether we are consciously aware of this truth or not. Bringing these parts into conscious awareness provides the opportunity to remember and integrate with our completeness, our wholeness, and our Divinity at the core of our being.

We can then choose to expand that energy outward to help change the collective consciousness of our species and to develop more loving and peaceful societal structures. Let us all make that leap together in our own conscious evolution. The time is NOW.


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